What We Offer

We provide fun, attractive and hard-working maids to your home or office in Hernando County and surrounding Areas for light house-keeping chores, all while wearing lingerie or a Bikini.

Clothing choice at Maids Discretion

Contact us to schedule an appointment, then sit back, enjoy the view and watch our beautiful young maids clean your home or office. 


Prepare and Serve Drinks and Dinner

Tidy and Organize Belongings

Vacuum and Sweep Floors

Dust Shelves and Items

Wash and Fold Laundry and Change Linens

Clean and Disinfect Counters and Surfaces


Our Maids welcome requests, but they

will refuse any request that is illegal,

dangerous or demeaning.


Tipping is encouraged for all jobs in the service industry

and strongly encouraged for a job well-done.  The Maids

very much appreciate and keep all tips.


Physical contact between the Maid and the client is

strictly forbidden and will result in immediate termination

of appointment.


Only the client and one approved guest may be on the

premises during the time the Maid is present.  If any

additional persons are present, the Maid must remain fully

clothed.  For parties larger than two, please contact us.


Clients may not be under the influence of illegal drugs or

use an illegal drugs while the Maid is on the premises.


Absolutely no photography, pictures, video or other

recording are permitted while the Maid is on the premises.

The Service Provided Is NOT for Prostitution or any Illegal



In a effort to keep everything Discreet 

We ask that you provide the cleaning equipment and


If this poses a problem, we can bring them for an

additional charge, but this request must be made when

booking the appointment.​

Interested in being a Erotic Maid

In Hernando County

​Send your info to:


$125 for first Hour

$99 for 2nd hour  

"Paypal" is the only form of payment

Payment upon arrival of maid

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Position Available

Position Available

Booty Cleaners

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